Feel the Safety, Feel the Perfect
All for safe, All for you
Who is Eastern?
Eastern Industrial, Corp is leading Korean manufacturer of various Industrial Webbing as for Safety Harness and Lanyard, Fall Arrest Lanyard, Lifting Sling, Cargo Tiedown etc.
We are expert and exporting our products in global market over 30 countries as USA, JAPAN, Europe, Etc for 20 years.
We have Technical Engineering team, have long experience and can design in Accordance with customer required one.
Our goal is how can we satisfy our all special customers and how can we serve you with high quality products.
What is Eastern Value?
    • Safety is No 1 Priority!
    • Our Webbing can be applied to industrial field and related to protect human life and to reduce damage of products from industrial disaster.
    • We are frontier and protector to save human life.
    • Quality is sales power!
    • Our sales power is "High Quality products".
    • That is our sales strategy and investing to meet customer needs.
    • Human touch service!
    • Our goal is to response customer inquiry within 24hours.
    • Alliance and Joint stock-operation company for Webbing, hardware and other machinery services.
What type of Webbing produce?
What material of Webbing available?
    • Aramid (Kevlar/Heracron etc)
    • UHMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)
    • Polyester (PET)
    • Polyamaid (Nylon etc)
    • Polypropylene
What kind of test equipment Eastern have?
What is EASTERN'S Certification and Technical Development?
    • Certification
    • ISO 9001 Webbing
    • EN355-Personal protective equipment against falls from a height
    • Energy Absorbing Tear Webbing(ANSI-Z359.13-2013)
    • CE-HARNESS & Fall Arrest Lanyard (EN355)