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Advance Engineered Webbing
To value of our customers, Eastern Industrial Company is specialized in weaving and knitting and design, development and manufacture of industrial webbing.
Safety Harness webbing
  • Safety Harness, 1-3/4"(45mm±1mm) x min 6,000LBS
  • Safety Harness - High visible reflective webbing 1-3/4"(45mm±1mm)
  • Safety Harness - Customer Design webbing 1-3/4"(45mm±1mm)
Shock Absorber (Tear webbing)
  • Tear Absorbing webbing
  • Internal Shock Absorbing webbing (POY)
Fall Arrest webbing
  • Fall Arrest Lanyard webbing, Flat type
  • Fall Arrest Lanyard webbing, Bungee(elastic) lanyard
Engineered webbing
  • Fire fighting webbing (Aramid)
  • UHMWPE webbing
  • Water-Repellent Coating webbing
  • ANTI-STATIC webbing
Seat belt & Heavy industry webbing
  • Seat belt webbing
  • Cargo Lashing Type webbing, 25mm(1")~100mm(4")
  • Sling webbing
Customer-made Special webbing